700W 1000W CNC ჭრის დანადგარი უჟანგავი ფოლადის ნახშირბადოვანი ფოლადის რკინის ლითონისათვის

High speed 700W 1000W CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Iron Metal


ჭრის ფართობი: 1300 * 2500 მმ
ჭრის სიჩქარე: 25 მ / წთ
გრაფიკული ფორმატი მხარდაჭერილია: AI
განაცხადის: ლაზერული ჭრა
მდგომარეობა: ახალი
Cutting Thickness:2mm ss, 4mm cs, 2mm gs
CNC ან არა: დიახ
გაგრილების რეჟიმი: წყლის გაგრილება
Control Software:Shanghai WEIHONG
წარმოშობის ადგილი: ანჰუი, ჩინეთი (მატერიკზე)
ბრენდი სახელი: ACCURL
სერტიფიკაცია: CE
გარანტია: 1 წელი
ლაზერული ტიპი: ბოჭკოვანი ლაზერი
Laser power:200W 300W
Applicable material:stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, iron
Max cutting thickness:2mm ss, 4mm cs, 2mm gs, 2mm iron
Running speed:Max 25m/min
Position precision:≤0.1mm
The max load for worktable:300KG
Machine weight:1.5T
Working power:≤1800W, 220V, 50/60HZ, 3 phase

პროდუქტის აღწერა

This machine is designed for advertising to cut metal including 0-2mm stainless steel, 0-4mm carbon steel, 0-2mm galvanized sheet and 0-2mm iron.


It applies Taiwan PMI ball screw, YYC gear and rack as the transmission and Shanghai WEIHONG servo motors as the drive.

The 1.5t weight machine body and our advanced technique makes the machine run very stably when it runs at high speed.


Above all, the economical but good quality machine is very suitable for ad industry clients to cut thin metal for making channel letters.

1. კონფიგურაცია

CNC Control system

Shanghai WEIHONG

Operating software


ლაზერული გენერატორი

China Maxphotonics

ლაზერის თავი

China WSX


Double Shanghai WEIHONG servo motors


Taiwan HIWIN linear rail, YYC gear and rack

Laser lens and mirror



Water chiller CW-6000, Exhaust device, Protective mirror

Optional device

Rotary axis to cut round or square pipe

2. Technical parameters


White & Yellow (can be changed as per your request)

ლაზერის ტიპი

ბოჭკოვანი ლაზერი

ლაზერული ძალა

200W or 300W

შესაბამისი მასალა

stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, iron

მაქს ჭრის სისქე

2mm ss, 4mm cs, 2mm gs, 2mm iron

Running speed

Max 25m/min

Max acceleration


Stroke of X axis


Stroke of Y axis


Stroke of Z axis


პოზიციის სიზუსტე

≤0.1 მმ

The max load for worktable


მანქანა წონა


Working power

≤1800W, 220V, 50/60HZ, 3 phase

დამხმარე გაზი

Oxygen or Nitrogen

3. Features

Machine worktable is milled by CNC milling machine which ensures the worktable on the same level and deviation within 0.01mm. It won't be out of shape during a long time.

ჩვენი მომსახურება


1. The whole machine we offer one year guarantee time free, without consumable parts replacement and man-made fault

2. User-friendly English manual and video CD for machine using and maintaining

3. My company English software can do all kinds of pattern recognition,software upgrading and updating free

4. You are the one we CARE ABOUT!We always offer you our best service no matter when and where


1.What are the other characteristics of the machine besides high cutting speed ?Can it carve small chest card ?
Large power ,processing power smooth operation .It can carve small chest card

2.Can it carve both wood and metal ? Can it cut or relief ?
Yes, it depends on metallic materials .It can carve wood , aluminum ,cooper and iron with the machine and sink .it can cut and relief

3.Does it work stability ?Will there be small problems ? Is it suitable for a long time work .

Yes , stable work .there won't be any problems It is suitable for a long time work .security performance.

Reasonable structure.

4.What ‘s the other auxiliary equipment? Will you give me polishing machine with the engraving machine .
Computer and processing equipment .We can provide free polishing machine if the price is reasonable.

5.Is engraving machine spindle coolong method water cooling or air cooling ? Are there dust cover or industry vacuum cleaner ?
Generally speaking .water cooling for advertising . woodworking engraving for air cooling .According to custom’s request .We can provide the dust cover and industry vacuum cleaner with the machine .But you have to pay for it .

6.What is in the need of maintenance? What kind of lubricating oil is suitable ?
The transmission part .the rail section .We suggest to use sewing machine oil to clean spindle .

7.What ‘s the other auxiliary equipment ?
We suggest the machine equipped suitable SPB regulator .Prevent summer lighten.It’s easy to follow processing .to prevent the damage caused by the machine’s instability

8 .What’s the difference between screw carving and rack carving .

DifferenceScrew carvingRack carving
Processing plateSmall powerLarge power
Processing accuracyHighlow


9 .What’s the difference between circular rail carving machine and square rail carving machine ?

DifferenceCircular rail carvingSquare rail carving
Operation guideCircular railSquare rail
The sliderCircularSquare

მსგავსი პროდუქტები